About the name – Grading Scales

Capt. Craig Freeman is an educator.  From teaching swimming lessons to physics, Capt. Freeman has a lot of classroom experiences.  He is current employed by Hampton City Schools as a Science Administrator.  Craig also has a love for fishing that is second to none.  The name Grading Scales was formed out of the two passions of his life – Teaching and Fishing. 

When customers charter with Grading Scales Sportfishing they will not only get a great fishing experience, they will also have an opportunity to learn about fishing.   Capt. Freeman will explain the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the days target species and explain why certain techniques and tackle are used. His goal is to teach “fishing”.   Capt. Freeman’s willingness to teach his methods is surely to set him apart from other charters.

What to bring - 

We supply all bait and tackle needed, but if you have a favorite rod or lure, you may bring them on board.

Make sure to dress appropriately!  It's colder on the water than on land!!

Other items to consider - Sun tan lotion, any food and drink you want for the day, any medications you require, and a good attitude.